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1 May

Welcome Vinizzo – a Sea Cliff Winery

Every designer’s dream project is to brand a winery, so what an exciting opportunity to partner with the owners of a start-up winery in Long Island, NY to bring their vision to life. The project was wide-ranging – including naming, strategy, identity creation, website design and packaging of the wine bottles. Interwoven teamed up with LABL (Language and […]

5 October

Boots and BBQ

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This past weekend was the first annual “Boots & BBQ” for the St. Lawrence Center at the University of Kansas. Love these table setting pics from the evening. More on St. Lawrence Center branding here.

Client Love Notes

  • Laurel Sharpe, Executive Director of Advancement, St. Lawrence Center

    “What a great privilege to have the opportunity for a creative collaboration with Sarah at Interwoven Creative. She is an incredible designer with an eye for beauty. Our hope, coupled with her experience, and suggestions, created the perfect invite for our fundraiser at Sporting KC.”
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    - Laurel Sharpe, Executive Director of Advancement, St. Lawrence Center
  • Kayleigh Aytes, Soprano

    “Sarah’s professionalism and talent provided a seamless process for creating my website and brand. From the initial meeting and throughout the entire project, she listened to me and created material perfectly suited for my needs. I trusted her artistic instinct and was tremendously thrilled with the final project. The unanimously positive feedback I’ve received is a testament to her outstanding work.”
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    - Kayleigh Aytes, Soprano
  • Tracy McClain, Designer & Owner, Trajet

    “Sarah is an amazing artist who creates beautiful brands integrating both her graphic design and fashion background. I knew with her vision in the fashion and graphic design fields she would be the perfect designer to bring my jewelry design brand to life. I receive compliments on my logo all the time! She is the BEST!”

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    - Tracy McClain, Designer & Owner, Trajet
  • Katy Nelsen, The Fashion Group International

    “The board members of the St. Louis region (Fashion Group International), are always so impressed by Sarah’s creativity, involvement and professionalism. She understands what her clients needs are and takes her work to another level in order to meet them. The poster and invites she did for the fashion week event were outstanding.”
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    - Katy Nelsen, The Fashion Group International
  • James Pillatzke, Owner, Pinkie Couture

    “I met Sarah over 8 years ago and ever since that day, I have been continuously awed by not only the quality of her work, but the intense passion and love that she seems to put into everything she touches!”

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    - James Pillatzke, Owner, Pinkie Couture