Pinkie Couture for Haute Hair is a boutique hair salon with a modern take on French style. Inspired by the world of fashion, the name Pinkie Couture was born from the term haute couture, or custom-creation for a specific client. Pinkie Couture specializes in tailoring hairstyles for the individual, catering to all hairdressing needs, including cut, color and avant-garde hairstyling. The intimate space reflects this individualistic motif complete with shocking pink sinks, large-scale baroque mirrors and a stenciled wallpaper toile pattern of combs and scissors. Identity components borrow vintage design elements while mixing photography reminiscent of pin-up posters.

The Brand Identity & Print Materials

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The Salon Space

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The official website for Pinkie Couture. A very functional site for the salon equipped with photo galleries, a blog, virtual tour and event calendar. Additional information about each stylist and team member encourages potential clients to get to know the group even better.

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Client: Pinkie Couture
Art Director/Designer: Sarah Nelsen
Hair Stylist: James Pillatzke
Photographer: Samantha Levi
Writer: Amy Mendenhall Mansfield
Makeup Artist: Jolie Carrillo-Allen
Models: Greta Jones, Jade Dailey, Rachel Smith